A dedicated action plan

Strategic planning is considered essential for today’s successful businesses. “In local government, not only does it entail aligning organizational aims with actions, tactics with responsibilities and resources to timelines, cuts… Read More »

Sunset Haven battles bed bugs

Growing up, Penny Girouard and her four siblings joked that a bug would never have been spotted in the spick and span household their mother provided. Despite her shipshape upbringing… Read More »

Transparent about Poppy Fund

Board members of Strathmore’s Royal Canadian Legion Branch #10 are adopting a proactive approach regarding money allocated from the local Poppy Fund after reports of an audit into the Calgary… Read More »

Local officials working together

The blade-slapping noise of the Calgary Police Service HAWCS helicopter could be heard in Strathmore last week, as the chopper, Calgary police and Strathmore RCMP worked together to stop and… Read More »