Keeping the community connected

 Shannon LeClair 

Time Reporter
A common complaint among youth in smaller communities is that there is nothing for them to do. Two years ago the Strathmore-Wheatland Addictions Team (SWAT) discussed the complaints, and brainstormed on how to show the youth there is plenty to do in town. 
“From there we thought about the value of putting a pamphlet together that would consist of various organizations that deal with youth,” said SWAT member Bob Sobol. 
“Basically we divided it into three separate sections, one that dealt with sports, one with clubs and associations and one with church-sponsored activities, focusing only on the youth of ages 12 to 17.”
SWAT has decided to do a second edition, an updated reprint of the pamphlet. 
The plan is to spend the next couple of months updating the information and inviting anyone who feels their group may be relevant to youth between the ages 12 to 17. 
“Things consistently change in Strathmore, we know there’s new organizations out there that we want to include, and we just feel it’s time for an update,” said Sobol.
“The philosophy of course of this is, one, we want to show the youth and their parents there is actually a bunch of things to do in Strathmore you just have to be a little interested, and two, the more activities that we have for youth pushes them towards things other than illegal activities. We want to focus on the positive on this as well.”
SWAT wants to see the pamphlet as a resource, something people thinking of moving to Strathmore can look at and see what is available to offer their children.
Organizations listed in the previous pamphlet will be contacted to make sure their information is still correct. Group and organizations that cater to teens ages 12 to 17 who were not in the previous pamphlet are encouraged to contact Crystal Wahl at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it