Baby bags for moms

 Shannon LeClair

Times Reporter
Being a young mom can be scary, and often the mothers are in need of any bit of help they can find. At Sacred Heart Academy (SHA) all classes complete a good works project annually, and for the past few years Lauren Zulyniak has been doing ‘Baby Bags for Mom’ with her students. Zulyniak first gave the project a try after another teacher she knew had mentioned it several years ago. Now it has become a joint project between the kindergarten classes. 
“Our three kindergarten classes are doing it as their specific good works project but of course any families in the school would be welcome to donate items as well if they’re interested,” said Zulyniak.
Throughout the month of April the kindergarten students, and staff, have been collecting items to be donated to the Louise Dean Centre in Calgary. Louise Dean is a school that is affiliated with Catholic Family Services, and is for pregnant and parenting teens. One of the services includes childcare while the mother is in class. 
“Students and their families are invited to donate a variety of items for the babies and then, if they are also interested, they can include a few things for mom,” said Zulyniak. 
Anything from diapers, to clothing, to formula and baby food is more than welcome as donations. Zulyniak said in the past Bibles, candles, books, and gift certificates for a haircut have been donated for the mothers. The items donated can either be new, or some gently used items are also accepted.
“We bag the items and in the past we’ve been very lucky to have the director of the Louise Dean Centre come out. She gives a little presentation to the students, talks about what they do at their school and then she brings them pictures of the moms and the babies,” said Zulyniak.
“So it becomes quite personal for the kids to get to see where their donations will be going. Then we help her load up all the bags to take back to the Louise Dean Centre in Calgary.”
Every grade in the school has specific good works. Many of the projects include raising funds for charities, or those less fortunate. Some of the projects include the students volunteering to cleanup the schoolyard, or with the recycling, or even create art projects to donate. 
Anyone wishing to donate to the Baby Bags for Moms project is invited to drop their items off at the main office. Items are being collected until April 27.