Move to the beat

By Miriam Ostermann, Associate Editor

Circles of Rhythm will be back by popular demand next week, after an outburst of interest flooded the Hope Bridges Society’s office last year for the drumming circle program’s return to Strathmore.
The ancient approach that uses drums to create rhythm for the promotion of healing and self-expression, made its debut with the Hope Bridges Society before their annual gala event in 2016.
Following much positive feedback, the society decided to bring back the Calgary-based company for a three-week program.
“The vibrations of the drums are healthy and good to be around for anyone,” said Wanda Reinholdt, co-ordinator for Hope Bridges Society.
“A person doesn’t have to hold a drum just like a person doesn’t have to know how to sing to benefit from the vibration and energy of the music around. Plus what’s great about it too, is drumming provides a really fun way for people to connect with one another and you can connect using drums in a very profound way.”
The local Alberta company, Circles of Rhythm, has been in operation for the past two decades, offering hands-on drum circle workshops for community building, therapeutic use, and team building.
While the ownership of the company recently changed, award-winning founder Judy Atkinson, who facilitated a drumming circle at Women’s Day many years ago, mentored a grocery store supervisor – Jamie Gore – looking for a career change in 2010.
Gore led the program last year, and will be facilitating the three-week program and a showing at the society’s 12th annual gala event on Oct. 22.
“I think it’s kind of a diamond that nobody knows about and I have a vision to bring people together of all walks of life and make everybody equal in the circle,” said Gore, professional drum circle facilitator with Circles of Rhythm.
“Basically we do drum circles for all walks of life, and all levels of ability and we just recognize that it’s a way for people to come together and be empowered and to make music together. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never drummed before and it doesn’t matter who you are or if you have a disability or you’re a senior or you have a mental health issue or you’re just a human being.”
The technique has been around for thousands of years to maintain mental, spiritual, and physical health.
Gore will be facilitating the drumming program starting on Oct. 11, Oct.18, Oct. 25 with a showing at the 12th annual Hope Bridges Society Gala on Oct. 22. The program will take place at the Hope Community Covenant Church. For more information and to register, contact the Hope Bridges Society at 403-983-3640.