Meet the candidates – Strathmore

Town of Strathmore – Mayor

Earl Best
Hi, my name is Earl Best, and I would like to be your next Mayor.
I have served nine years on town council including 18 months as deputy mayor, providing me with needed experience for this position. I’ve served under three different mayors and I am grateful for their examples of public service.
I have been active on numerous boards and committees giving me valuable insight to our community’s wants and needs.
Fiscal responsibility is foremost. I believe all taxes and grants come to council as a public trust and must be used for priorities with long term benefits. I will combine my experience and your input to discover the best ways to meet the requirements of our citizens and local businesses.
We need to entice industrial companies to our town. This will bring good paying jobs, enhance the local economy and ease the residential tax burden.
Strathmore needs an effective crime prevention strategy. We must build a team approach involving citizens, RCMP and the town, and reinstate our “Neighbourhood Watch” program.
Through interaction with the caring citizens of Strathmore we will create a better town in which to live in and raise our families.
On Oct. 16 I ask for your vote.

Pat Fule
My name is Pat Fule and I am running for Mayor on Oct. 16. I have lived and taught in Strathmore for 34 years. Being on town council for the past seven years has given me valuable experience. On council, I have been on committees such as Wheatland Housing (the Seniors’ Lodge/Social Housing), SAY, the Youth Club Board, the Downtown Revitalization Committee, and the new Field House Design Committee.
Teaching high school for 34 years, I’ve always answered to the public, and as a councilor, I am approachable to residents’ ideas and concerns. Three of our paved paths came from residents’ ideas, as well as two playground areas, and a lighted crosswalk at Crowther Memorial. Many Strathmore residents have also joined my Town Facebook page.
I believe Strathmore has a positive, robust future. However, we need a mayor who will lead by example, be a unifier with council members, and put residents’ needs before his own. I voted twice against council pay raises, lobbied to end expensive out of town budget retreats, cut the number of councilors allowed to attend federal conferences, and limited per diems.
You’ve trusted me to teach your children, please trust me with your vote.
Thank you!

Town of Strathmore – councillor

Lorraine Bauer
My name is Lorraine Bauer and I am proud to be running for Town Council. I am passionate about Strathmore and its people. My family and I came to Strathmore in 2001 from Edmonton. Strathmore was a specific choice for our family to call home as opposed to other Calgary bedroom communities. The downtown core appealed to us back then and we felt a sense of community as we toured the various areas.
Although the downtown core does not look the same as it did 16 years ago, I can say that if elected as Councillor, I will work to pursue downtown economic and community development opportunities.
I have also learned that one of Strathmore’s strengths is its people. People who take pride in our history, our roots and have a vision to preserve our heritage and story for future generations.
Our youth are a high priority as is community safety.
I have that vision for Strathmore and can work with others. I can serve as a community leader and make a positive impact if elected to council. To serve you here in Strathmore, I need your support Monday, Oct. 16. Together, we can keep Strathmore strong and vibrant.
You can get a hold of me via email (, website ( or Facebook (Lorraine Bauer for Strathmore Councillor).

Hi! I am Rocky Blokland.
I have resided in Strathmore for 17 years and own and operate Rocky’s Bakery downtown. I’m married to Ellie for 34 years, have four kids and 13 grandkids.
We love Strathmore as it is close to all our kids, Calgary, B.C. the U.S. and it still has that town atmosphere where people know each other and respect each other.
However, as time moves on we are getting away from small town vision into large town vision! With that comes change!
As I seek re-election for a third term, I feel I can still contribute to council and oversee the change and direction that comes to council regarding Strathmore’s future.
After two terms (seven years) on council, I firmly believe there should be business people on council. We deal with large and small budgets, and a business sense is critical.
My experience over two terms will make me a stronger, better councilor if re-elected.
I promise to bring my A-game to council’s table: approachable, accessible, accountable and ability.
With that, I look forward to serving Strathmore for the next four years and will do my best to make Strathmore a better municipality for all of us to call “home.” Thank you.

Tari Cockx
I am 48 years old, married, and have four wonderful daughters. I graduated from Samuel Crowther High School, and then from Red Deer College with a Legal Assistant Diploma. After working in Calgary, my husband, Dean Cockx and I decided to move back to Strathmore to raise our family. We then owned and operated a small oil and gas drilling company until 2014. My grandfather William (Bill) Woodliffe ran businesses here from the early 1920s, and my parents, Joe and Lynn Woodliffe, also owned their own business in town during the 1970s and 1980s.
Dean’s grandparents, Cornelius and Verna Cockx, also lived here in Strathmore since the late 1920s, and his parents, Frankie and Donna (Watson) Cockx, were born and raised here in Strathmore.
If elected, I will do my best to listen and promote action for you, the voters. I believe in economic growth, I believe in the revitalization of downtown, I believe that our youth need attention, activities, and recreation, and I believe that our seniors need and deserve to be heard.
My family has deep roots in Strathmore and I’m invested in this town. Trust me – I have this town’s best interest at heart; it’s my home.

Melanie Corbiell
My name is Melanie Corbiell. I am married and have three young children. I have lived within the County of Wheatland for most of my life with the exception of attending post-secondary education. There I attained a Degree in Kinesiology as well as a Diploma in Medical Transcription. I have worked in Strathmore since 1997 and lived within the town for 10 years where I have seen many changes.
I am running for town council to contribute and help shape the way Strathmore grows to fulfill the quality of life that everyone expects and deserves. It is that simple! I love this town and want to invest my time and energy into helping make this town a better, safer place.
This town is not just important to me for my children’s future. A large portion of my family resides in town and my grandparents have retired here. Having so much invested here means that I will always stay actively involved in all areas and not just what’s best for me. I want to see every aspect of this community to have a part to play and grow as one.

I have lived in Strathmore for 40 years, an entrepreneur owning and operating two successful businesses in downtown Strathmore. I also raised two children and enjoy my four grandchildren.
With many years in local government, as both former mayor and current councillor, I bring a solid well-rounded view for serving the wants and needs of the citizens of Strathmore. Having a background in commercial investment real estate for over 35 years I have the knowledge and connections to commerce, which is so vital for a viable community to have a strong local business base.
Combining my long-term vision for the community and my tenacity to complete projects and initiatives, I continue to be a champion for senior citizens, the Marigold Library System, Wheatland Lodge, the Hospice Building Committee and tourism strategies with the Canadian Badlands. Taking on challenges such as crime and policing remains a priority, as well as working with and respecting our rural neighbors is essential.
I have a passion for Strathmore, being involved, volunteering, and a community advocate has always been a part of my life. I have served in various capacities on numerous boards and organizations including Strathmore Ag Society as general manager and president, Strathmore Minor Hockey Board and Strathmore Kinsmen Club.
I believe in this community and have a continued commitment to working hard for a healthy positive community for families and business to live, work and grow.

John Hilton-O’Brien
My wife and I own HOB’s Hobbies, a café/store for Strathmore’s hobby and gaming communities, and I serve as president of the Strathmore Overnight Shelter. I have degrees in Social Work and Philosophy, with training and experience in public policy. I care about our community, and I want to help make it a good place for all of us to live.
My first priority is getting businesses into Strathmore, by streamlining the processes for things like development and sign permits. Shorter timelines will make us a more attractive place to set up than Calgary. Time is money – and we can make that work for us.
We need to keep services affordable, paying attention to what people pay. We can stretch our dollars, seeking outside grants and partners. Keeping costs down for private firms will also get us affordable private transportation and recreation.
Finally, we have a higher crime rate than similar communities – which means we can petition the province for more police officers. We can also establish a police committee to make our detachment more responsive to local issues, and we can supplement the RCMP’s programs for volunteers.
For jobs, services, and safety, please support me on Oct. 16.

Peter Landry
Hello Strathmore, my name is Peter Landry and I would like to tell you why I am running for town council.
In the last few years it appears to me that we are starting to have big city problems like an increase in property crime, the prevalence of drugs which are all too available to our kids, impending growth – which we should encourage in measure but will increase demand on existing services. I would like to see Strathmore promoted as a great place to live and raise kids, this resulting in growth but we must be prepared for this growth with a long-term infrastructure plan.
I would like to re-examine the capacity for policing we have based on the current resources and then re-deploy/reorganize/enhance these resources for maximum effect as well as organize citizens groups to assist.
There are many issues I would like to be able to address with a fresh council full of new ideas and insights. There are many things I would like to try to achieve for this great little town like ice facilities downtown revitalization, etc., but there is just not the space to list it all here. But we need change. This is our chance and we won’t have another one for four more years. I’m not ‘connected’ to anyone. I just want to help. I am bringing a rather large bag of skillsets with me. I am your neighbor.
On Oct. 16, vote for change but mostly, vote!
Thank you.

My priority in life is the health and success of my family, which is tied to the health and success of the Strathmore community. As a husband and father, it’s important to me that my children, and yours, are given the best opportunities for success.
Making Strathmore the best place to live that it can be, and a safe community for all is my highest priority.
As a business owner, I have insight into the issues facing businesses that are located in our town. Streamlining processes, and making it easier to develop and grow our businesses is also one of my highest priorities. A healthy and diverse local economy is crucial for maintaining the quality of life that our public services provide.
I have been volunteering for the Town of Strathmore during my time living here. I currently sit on the Names Advisory Committee, Assessment Review Board, and the Subdivision, Development Appeal Board.
Volunteering for the Town of Strathmore has been invaluable in giving me first-hand experience working with the town administration, as well as my fellow citizens, to solve problems, and facilitate growth and development.
For more information and to contact me – please email, or look me up on Facebook @jm4council.

I am running for re-election because I am passionate about continuing to build a dynamic collaborative community that reflects the collective views I’ve heard from our citizens over the last four years. Strathmore is on the threshold of an exciting vibrant future where the inspired ideas of community builders, millennials and seniors position us to thrive. These ideas are rooted in the enthusiasm I have seen among our seniors who have determinedly staked out a significant role advocating for enhanced opportunities for inclusion in our community. Seniors are determined to achieve this through demanding better transportation, assurance for comprehensive home care, and adequate affordable housing. Community builders and developers desire less prescriptive policy and land use by-laws and greater investment certainty with focus on creative outcomes. Millennials want affordable homes, quality food sourcing for their families and access to excellent amenities like schools and recreational facilities. I would welcome the opportunity to bring the innovative ideas and desires of my community forward in the next term. (
I am married to Roger Nelson; together we have five children and eight grandchildren. I’ve lived in Strathmore for 34 years working as a teacher, principal and consultant (B.Ed./M.Ed) for Golden Hills S.D. and Siksika Education.

I am running as councillor because I was asked to by my friends who know my experiences and skills, and who believe in my potential. I feel it is my duty as a citizen. As a Canadian citizen I have the privilege to be a candidate for this community I love and wish to serve.
I have worked in countries where they do not have this privilege, and it opened my eyes, making me feel obligated. I have experience managing Agricultural Exhibitions, Country Western festivals, and major Agricultural Projects in China. I have the experience to generate outside of the box ideas, and the patience to enhance existing solutions on the council agenda. Through this election process I’m realizing the true diversity of this community, and we, as citizens, need to encompass all social and economic backgrounds.
We need to work with existing agencies and programs, supporting them and their progression. As a grandfather, I also feel it is the community’s duty to invest in our youth, and to help our seniors. I am prepared to listen, to learn, and to find new innovative ideas. I am prepared to serve this wonderful community of Strathmore.

Bob Sobol
My wife (Gina) and I have lived in Strathmore for the last 14 years. Strathmore was my retirement move after leaving the RCMP, and we came here to open a coffee shop (The Boulevard Café). After selling it, I became interested in how the decisions were made in this municipality – mostly because I felt this town had so much potential.
It was, and it continues to be, my hope that I could contribute somewhat positively in this regard. I have been a town councillor for 10 years. In the last four years, I have been diligent about preparing for both council and committee meetings. I have been active in pursuing and moving along ideas which positively affected improvements in policing, traffic, sustainability, downtown beautification, transportation, transparency in council affairs and low taxes. We have made great progress in the least four years, but now is not the time to take a break. That is why I am running for a fourth term. Many of the issues we will be facing are complex. Items such as our Pivot Fields, a new Municipal Government Act, a new Provincial Growth Management Board, Policing, Economic Development, Regional Transportation, a new Epcor Contract, Seniors’ Housing and Recreational Facilities. I am ready and able to tackle these issues and would appreciate your vote on Oct. 16.