Meet the candidates – Election 2017 Wheatland CountyWheatland County – division 1

Wheatland County – division 1

Alice Booth
I, Alice Booth as councillor, work for the ratepayers of Division 1 and all of Wheatland County, always keeping in mind, who I represent.
As a farmer, and having been retired for 40 years of owning and operating a heavy construction company, I had the opportunity to build roads for municipalities, government, subdivisions, pipelines and others, across Alberta and neighboring provinces, giving me “hands on” experience operating all types of farm and construction equipment.
My background in accounting, payroll and the completion of Elected Officials Education Program, and the various boards and organizations I have been honoured to chair gives me the experience for this position.
I’m not afraid to look outside the box, because change means innovation, giving opportunity for expansion and exploration and brings new challenges for our county.
Good governance, economic development, and land use planning attract exemplary businesses and development, in turn entice families to move into our communities.
Transportation routes for farming, ranching, industry, tourism, and home-based business are critical.
Employment, recreation, schools, attainable housing and health care services for everyone is a requirement. Wheatland County is the place where we can all live, work and play. I ask for your support on election day.

Jason Wilson
There are many ways to look at youth, and perhaps nowadays youth has a bad image. But I want to change that.
I’m asking you to look past the age and look at the future. The future is the younger generation, so why not let them have a say in what happens in their communities and their province?
I understand young people might not have the experience or the know-how to be in such an important position, but who’s to say we can’t learn?
I am willing to learn from everyone and to look at things with an open mind in order to do the best I can for the county and its ratepayers.
I hope I can count on your support on Oct. 16.

Wheatland County – division 2

Sandra Desmet
I have been a long-time community member and Wheatland County resident. I attended Olds College studying livestock production, including accounting, farm business and range management.
I have previous board experience, from president of the school parent council, to a seat on the minor hockey board, the minor baseball board, and on many think tanks throughout Golden Hills School Division. President and treasurer of Crowfoot Community Association, and most recently sat on the Strathmore-Brooks Constituency Board.
I have spent years of coaching ringette, hockey and baseball, among many other volunteer positions, between raising four children. I have worked for 20 years at the Calgary Stockyards where they have entrusted me to do settlements and payables.
I am honest, hardworking and politically minded, and I have a desire to see our county thrive. I will be able to devote myself to the demands of this position. I stand for honesty and integrity, and will be a positive voice for our county communities, with a strong understanding of rural issues, a hands-on type of leader and advocating for preserving property rights. You can entrust me to be the best representative for you.

Amber Link
This may sound unconventional, but I’m not asking people to vote for me. I’m asking them to learn as much as they can about each candidate and then vote for who they believe will best represent them on county council.
During elections, candidates say a lot, we write a lot and some promise a lot. To me it can start sounding repetitive and like a lot of rhetoric. I won’t make any promises I can’t keep. I understand how governance works, and if elected, I will be one vote out of seven. What I do promise is that if elected, I will serve with integrity. I have no personal agenda. My campaign has been spent engaged in conversation with the people of Division 2. These discussions have helped me understand the challenges and will shape my response.
There are many issues and sometimes contradictory positions. I will be available and listen to all concerns, and either bring the issue to council or advocate and assist residents as they navigate a resolution. Balancing these diverse perspectives and critical thinking is key in decision making that is a large part of the role of a governing council. I will use my education and experience on multiple other boards to represent Division 2, to encourage responsible growth, to minimize necessary taxation and to maximize services that those taxes fund. I will work hard for you.
I am your link to council; if elected I promise I will listen to our community and be a voice for all residents of our division. That’s my promise: to be your voice.

Sharon Sequillion
This week I was asked, Why should people vote for you?
Well there are many reasons.
I am honest, what does that mean for you? that means I will not buckle to cross pressures because of opinion; I will always work with facts.
I will always work with you in a transparent way, both inside and outside of council chambers. People often make statements during the campaign side of an election, but struggle with the governance side once elected. I will not.
I have always enjoyed contributing to my community; I feel I can continue this by staying in touch with our community values, both for larger farms and ranches as well as our smaller hamlets and acreage owners.
I have heard from farmers they would like to keep the farmland, just that, farmed land. I have heard from some of the hamlets that they would enjoy seeing more room for growth and possibly business.
Our past council has done some great work, and if given the opportunity to work for you, I will promise my time, my energy and as well my emotions as I represent you.
I am willing to continually anticipate as well as prepare for issues that you could be dealing with now or in the future if I am given this position.
I have always been innovative and I feel this is an asset in these challenging economic call times, we now have to think outside the box and come up with different ways to advance our county financially.
I am consistent; I will look for new opportunities that may enhance our county. There are many new business opportunities in Alberta; I will work hard for our county and advocate to these businesses to look for a community that’s a perfect fit for them. Our community. I would like to see our hamlets grow while still promoting the small-town values we so proudly speak of.
My promise to you is to keep growing, to keep learning and to honestly do my best to represent you.

Wheatland County – division 3

Donna Biggar
My traits and accomplishments are a big asset as a voice on council. Through my involvement in the community and my 14 years of developing and managing, I have acquired phenomenal work ethic, leadership traits, business knowledge, negotiating abilities and strong listening skills. These are the attributes a quality councillor needs.
I was born to work with the public, whether it be in sales, retail, tourism or as a civil servant. It is my hope that, I will be able to take my acquired skills to assist the residents of Division 3, and our county on issues that emerge. I would like to take part in the interest, safety and welfare of my fellow neighbours, friends and family.

Angela Cinq-Mars
While speaking to residents of Division 3, it has become clear that we feel we are being overlooked. While we all pay our taxes we are forgotten when it comes to planning and development. Our road services need improvement, and we have all come to question how the infrastructure spending is determined. Those who are on municipal water have had to face double or triple their water bills while receiving no improvement to their service or upgrades to justify the increase. It is important to me that we have representation that is accountable and accessible. Should I have the privilege of representing this division I want to ensure that our division is receiving the most for our tax dollars. I will seek out business to develop the industrial corridor and encourage growth for those businesses we currently have. I want to ensure that everyone in the district is kept up to date on what is happening in council and how it will affect our division. Please join me at my home (228 Strangmuir St., Carseland) on Oct. 15, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. We will have hamburgers, hot dogs, homemade potato salad and homemade pie. Come discuss our future.

Cody MacLean
I feel the tax payers should vote for me as I would represent them with a fresh and honest pair of eyes. I believe we can grow Wheatland County and continue to be fiscally responsible. I am hard working and my handshake is my bond.

Wayne Shapka
The position of councillor for Division 3 is a prodigious opportunity to give back to the community I love. It is a natural extension of the community service I have been performing for many years. I will ensure the people are well represented by being a dedicated advocate and clear voice for everyone.
To learn what the position entails, I have met with the CAO of Wheatland County on several occasions, attended numerous council meetings and met with current councillors. I have also been personally meeting all of the Division 3 constituents to get acquainted with the people and learn of their concerns.
Based on what I have learned, I believe to provide the best customer service the position of councillor is a full-time endeavour. I am recently retired from Calgary Transit after 34 years of public service. My focus and energy will be 100 per cent devoted to serving the people of Division 3.
My extensive experience in dealing with the public and community group projects (through the Ag Society and Lions Club) has provided me with a strong skill set. Effective communication, negotiation, project management and leadership skills are all assets I believe are necessary for the position of Division 3 councillor.
I welcome the opportunity to make an even greater commitment and contribution by serving as your Division 3 councillor.
On Oct. 16, vote for “your neighbour, your community.”

Don Vander Velde
I think I represented the county in Div 3 to the best of my ability over the last nine years. A person has to remember that you’re not just representing one division, you are part of a decision-making process for seven divisions. I’ve always been honest and I always return calls 24/7 and they can call me 24/7. I enjoy it. When you do help people that’s a reward for you. It makes your time worthwhile.

Wheatland County – division 4

Berniece Bland
Where to start? First, I believe in openness and honesty. I want to approach people and be able to communicate with info that helps. I drive roads a lot to check their condition. If I get a call about a road I will drive to it and see what they are dealing with and then pass it on to our transportation department. They are extremely efficient in their jobs. My main thing is to visually see things. I really enjoy the job and hope I get to get in again.

Tom Ikert
Why should you vote for me? I believe it’s time for change. Council needs fresh ideas, and I am someone who is not afraid to stand up for what I believe in. During my time meeting with both long time and newer constituents, I have been asked whether our tax dollars are being spent wisely. That’s a question that can only be answered by council, and if elected, I will be able to, and be part of, that answer. I believe that every dollar has to be justified by council, and waste of our tax dollars not tolerated. Without new ideas, things can become stagnant. As a contractor and small business owner, I have learned that what worked years ago isn’t necessarily the best way to do things today. What we used to do in-house, we now subcontract out. I will be your eyes and ears in the county. If you have any questions, or would like to discuss any concerns, call or text me at 403-361-1473, or email me (

Wheatland County – division 5

Scott Klassen
I am asking for your vote as I bring previous experience in the operation of municipal government. I have an open mind, and I will listen to all sides of an issue. I have no conflict with any current issues in Division 5 and can move forward without any pecuniary interest on any issue. I also believe everyone should vote as we have the right to vote and that is what democracy is based upon, so please exercise your right to vote.

Brenda Knight
We are living in a faster, ever-changing world, requiring adapting to a sometimes harsher environment. Leadership needs to be open-minded, have clear vision, provide direction and accept risk to deal with unwanted change.
As our population grows, so does the demand on infrastructure and resources. As a large county I brought forward a motion to begin the budgeting process for movable solar powered speed signs to assist our over-extended protective services, making our communities safer.
Businesses are the key to our economy so I brought a motion tasking our newly-formed economic development committee to develop a policy on signage for our businesses and communities. Soon they will begin community engagement.
In addition to my regular council duties, I was elected to represent central Alberta on the Federation of Canadian Municipalities making sure that a “rural voice” is heard at the federal level. Selected by the president to sit on the Environmental and Sustainable Development, Prairies and Territories Caucus, Rural Forum and International Relations.
With a background in bylaws and policy, and attention to details and common sense, I will continue to be your voice for all ratepayers of Wheatland County, and I ask for your support on election day.

Wheatland County – division 6

Glenn Koester
Why should you, the people who live in Division 6, vote for me?
I have lived my whole life is this division and have had the honour of representing you for 14 years.
I am a proven experienced leader. I was first elected in 2003 and have served on most of the council committees and boards. I was chairman of the Agricultural Service Board (ASB) from 2004 to 2011. I have been chairman of WADEMSA (ambulance) since 2007. I have been the chairman of WHMB (Wheatland Lodge) since 2012. I have been the reeve of Wheatland County since 2011.
I am very committed to represent the people of Division 6, and I will remain accessible and responsible to you.
A vote for me will give you my integrity: to ensure all people are treated the same.
A vote for me will give you my honesty: to be trustworthy and always tell the truth.
A vote for me will give you my compassion: to always have time to listen and understand your needs.
As I reflect over the past 14 years of being your councillor, I know that I have the desire to continue to give this job my very best. I will continue to be a strong voice for you on council.
On Oct. 16, I am asking for your continued support and to vote for Glenn Koester.

Fiona Lauridsen
Throughout the course of this campaign, I have been reaching out to voters by personal interaction, my website, and open houses to provide residents of Wheatland County with an opportunity to speak with me, test me and find out if I am fit to be their representative on council. Beyond that, I have been working diligently to familiarize myself with the workings of the county and the challenges of the job of councillor. As a new member of the team, I will bring creative energy and a fresh perspective.
If I wasn’t confident in my ability to carry out the job, I wouldn’t be running. I have done my best to convey my commitment and sincerity in seeking the position of Division 6 councillor.
You won’t see any signs on the roadside touting my name but, from my campaign, you can see the signs of my heartfelt desire to represent you.