Bylaw changes for Muirfield

By Sharon McLeay Times Contributor

Wheatland County council passed first reading to change single and semi-detached homes from discretionary use to permanent use in Cell 1 and Cell 3 in the Lakes of Muirfield. Cell 9 would not be eligible for development until 90 per cent of lots in Cell 1 had building permits issued. Detailed architectural drawings would be required for all commercial development, and reduced setbacks would be authorized on case-by-case basis for side drive garages.
“This amendment will streamline the development process in the Lakes of Muirfield,” said Colton Nickel, Wheatland County planning manager. “We found that shifting dwellings to discretionary use did not expedite the wastewater solution in the Lakes of Muirfield.”
He said the changes would not increase the problems with infrastructure in the area and they align with the general regional growth management specifications currently in place.
The public hearing on the bylaw is set for Dec. 19 in council chambers.
Jim Souza, project manager for the Lakes of Muirfield, came to council to update them on the work he and the developer had been doing to try to mitigate the wastewater problems. They have been looking at a utility provider from Vancouver that may be willing to set up a treatment plant and utility company in the area. Bill Maher, developer for Homesteads, advised council they had upgraded their pipeline to a surface lagoon idea, to a treatment facility and a 40-acre underground disbursement system. They would update council whether that is finalized in the New Year.

Speaker’s series approved
Council received information on the speaker’s series funding request put forward by the Economic Development Committee. They approved $10,000 that will allow the committee to begin additional fundraising and organization for the first event set for February 2018.
Council was initially divided on the idea, wondering if speaker fees were steep and questioning what results would be seen through the event.
“The county needs to be pro-business and support its entrepreneurs, but we need to see something come out of it,” said Councillor Jason Wilson.
“This is part of the economic development initiatives and it is important, even if it is intangible,” said Councillor Amber Link.
Council approved the amount with the condition money would be returned if the event was not held.